Thursday, June 16, 2011

Odds ‘n’ Ends Thursday: That’s the Last of It

Well, we finally finished going through all of the boxes, bags and storage bins in preparation for Saturday’s garage sale. While I wasn’t particularly thrilled to have clouds of dust clog my nasal cavity, or to see itty bitty spiders that camp-out in the crevices of the garage pop out unexpectedly, or to have an entire wall-mounted cabinet to come de-walled only to slam on to my shoulder, it wasn’t all bad. Rediscovering previously treasured items from the past was nice.

We relived the Furby trend for a moment. We laughed at the unbelievable amount of collections we’ve amassed. We found things we even forgot we still owned.

Then we played with them…

Pug Pile_Resized.

My sister decided to play a game of “Which One of These is Not Like the Other” with a pile of pugs. Pugsley seems only mildly annoyed.

Sweet Car Ride_Resized

And this is the product of a 27 and 22 year old, respectively. We stuffed Rainbow Brite, Twink, Mr. Peepers the Owl and a tiny pug into this sweet set of wheels and rolled them around the carpet for the dogs to chase. Of course, the dogs grew bored of this before we did.

After a few minutes of playtime, we packed it up. Some things will stay. some things will go. But it was fun reliving the past.

Tomorrow we’re going to take a drive around to post up some fliers for the garage sale. I think they are sufficiently kitschy.

Garage Sale Flier_Resized

What childhood favorites have you reminiscing about the past?


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Oh dear, I remember Furby and Tamagotchi! Ah, the weird toy crazes of my younger days.

The pug picture is too adorable, did you used to collect stuffed pugs?

Jackie Jardine said...

Hey there, Leilani. Actually my younger sister, now 22, collected stuff pugs. And that was long before we actually got two real, live pugs as pets. We just stumbled upon her collection while prepping for the garage sale. She's still keeping a few of them. My collection of Rainbow Brite dolls is bordering on ridiculous, though.