Saturday, November 20, 2010

Welcome to the New and Improved Let's Go Thrifting!

These folks can barely contain their excitement.

Check out the first featured post under the brand spankin' new Collections page, a piece I'd like to call 1000 Words. Take a gander at my gallery of fabulous vintage photos and marvel in the hair styles and wardrobe.  And be excited for future updates all about our weird and wonderful collections!

Also note that we are now licensed under Creative Commons. Share and share alike!  Just give credit where credit is due...and tell a friend of how cool we are.

A spoiler alert just for you: Our next post will likely include ways to creep-out family and friends.

So stay tuned for exciting new posts, pictures, collection galleries and more!


Vanessa said...

Oh my, looking forward for tips on creeping on friends and family. Not like I need help in that arena! I love your photo collections, each photo is so filled with personality, life, spirit! I love the bad-ass Shaft Jersey Granny and the time capsules of vintage Japan best of all!

Jackie Jardine said...

Hi, Van. I look forward to writing this one. I hope to have it up by Wednesday. But the day job is keeping me busy because of the holiday.

I have to resist the urge to buy up every photo I find, mostly in secondhand book shops. But these are pretty awesome, I think. The ass-kicking granny and the traditional Japanese family portrait are my my favorites too!

Anonymous said...

There are not a lot of old photos found around here. Sometimes at a garage sale but rarely. I think many are being shredded or burnt. That's so sad.
When Vespa (the cat) lets me I will check out your collections. right now he is sitting on the keyboard and making computer time difficult