Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Episode is Brought to You by the Letter B

B is for Bargain.
Scantily clad Cabbage Patch dolls and teddy bears from Valentine's past prove no match to a plush member of the elite alphabet clan. Rescued from a Goodwill in Bensalem, PA for 90 cents, Bixil makes an excellent addition to any cuddly, kinda creepy, semi-educational stuffed collection.


Vanessa said...

He reminds me of the slightly creepy and daunting animations from the 70s seasame street....and I love that. B is for Beautiful find, I'd have scooped him up, too.

Jackie Jardine said...

I couldn't agree more. He is straight out of Sesame Street! I think I might make it a thrift mission to find all of these so-called 'Alpha Critters.'